Next Steps

Interested in launching a new direct marketing program?

1. Read Q & A to determine if direct marketing is right for your organization.

2. Develop consensus among key staff -- launching a direct marketing program requires a serious commitment.

3. Allocate resources -- with realistic expectations about what you can afford to spend.

4. Select a consultant -- you have your options in determining which firm is right for you. Direct Marketing requires a multi-year commitment, it is important that you select someone who is not only capable, but also shares your vision.

Interested in enhancing an existing direct marketing program?

You may still benefit from the Stanford Group's 25 years of direct marketing experience.

Whether you want to conduct an audit of your existing program, make your packages more creative and compelling, or better reach your target audience through more efficient list selection, SGI's expert staff are here to help.

And, with extensive experience in all areas of fundraising -- from planned and major gifts to database management -- your direct marking campaign will fit seamlessly into your overall fundraising program.